Cows & Calves

Herd Health Program for Cows and Calves

This page is designed to give you our basic recommendations for preventative care for your herd.  Each herd has their own special circumstances which may require all or part of these recommendations.  We would be glad to consult with you as to any special needs you may need for your personal program.


Prebreeding/Postcalving (Open Cows/Heifers)

  1. Vibrio
  3. Red Water
  4. Trichomonas
  5. Worm
  6. Fly Tags


  1. IBR-P13-BRSV (Pneumonia)
  2. 7 or 8 Way
  3. Pastuerella (Pneumonia)
  4. Implants


Cows/Heifers (Pregnant)

  1. Vibrio (If not done in Spring)
  2. Killed IBR-BVD-P13+BRSV (If not done on Spring)
  3. C&D Toxoid (Purple Gut) and Red Water also known as 8 Way
  4. Vitamin AD&E
  5. Scour Control
  6. Treat for Grubs, Lice, and Worms

 Replacement Heifers

  2. 7 or 8 Way
  3. Haemophilus
  4. Bangs
  5. Treat for Grubs, Lice, and Worms